ODM/OEM Service


What made Signatude so different?

We like to get our hands dirty!

Unlike most OEM/ODM companies that only simulate and design systems in the air-con Lab, here in Signatude, we embrace real-world experiences.

Asides of doing simulations and product validation tests, we installed and wired our designs in the field.

Being working on remote isles, misty seashore sites for cabling in congested generator rooms, Mega-watt smart grids, car charging parking lots, borehole and construction sites, Signatude had gained precious knowledges for getting design to work neatly and swiftly at the first stage.


Our Expertise

1. Field Proven System Level Design

   A fully evaluated and refined system architecture is the key to project success, we’d like to spend time discussing about use-cases, possible interferences about sites such as grounding loops, how users are going to interact with the end product, so any hazards that may impact the product performances, can be addressed at the very beginning of design stage.


2. High Stability noise-rejecting analog Signal Chain


   Many of our designs are deployed in Robotic factory, CNC, Material Testing System, Power Plants, etc., measuring low-level signal in nano or micro-Volt levels under several hundred volts interferences are very common design criteria.

   With auto-zeroing, carrier frequency techniques, high CMRR front-end and isolation, Signatude deliver hardware and software integrated signal processing chains that can survive in these challenges.


3. Multi Interface Digital Infrastructure

   From the legacy RS-485, PCI, to Ethernet, Signatude provide solid and verified implementations.

   Aside of explicit communication interfaces, acquiring digitized measuring data across isolation boundaries are challenges usually overlooked; we carefully plan the I/O locations and timing budget to compensate timing shifts in a wider operating temperature so to provide overall low bit-error-rate in final designs.


   Below are current techniques Signatude can provide, for other possibilities please contact us.


4. Built-on open-source embedded system


   Many of our systems are built-on open-source operating systems, which is agile, compact, and has a tiny footprint.  BSP and middle-wares developing are available at your requests.

   Below are current techniques Signatude can provide, for other possibilities please contact us.  


4. Integrated WebSCADA UI

   For data-logging or monitoring purposes, a comprehensive UI may be the most uncertain work load; your target users may have varieties of tweaking requests regarding layout, color scheme, chart, pie, bar,…etc., the can take over substantial time to accomplish.

   Many of our custom designs are integrated with WebSCADA infrastructure, which was built-on standard web language, so you can insert widgets and layout via your PC’s Web browser.  Without a line of coding, a fully customized, stylish UI can be made in minutes.


   The backend of WebSCADA is data-based, globally time-stamped, and can put to run on various scales of server, including Docker, and the data transport layer was designed to be firewall/NAT traversal, no MIS intervention is quired in most use-cases.


4. Conformance Tests from Consumer to MIL-STD

   We test our designs, and we like to test it.

   Signatude can carry tests such as CE, FCC, CCC, BSMI that are mandatory for international or domestic commerce.  More stringent tests such as higher level ESD (8kV Class A or above), Surge, EFT, MIL-STD, Temp Cycles and HALT, IEC 61010 LVD are readily available at your request.


   Some of the regulatory conformances are very difficult to pass without prior integration into design considerations; we use special hardware and/or software technique to withstand critical requirements at the first stage.



5. Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Factory Calibration

    Signatude designs NIST-traceable automatic testing equipment’s for OEM product testing; Over the years, our OEM robotic controllers had been deployed in industry over a thousand sets, with near-zero DOA. (actually, it’s zero till now)


6. Product Life Cycle Management

   OEM products made and tested by Signatude are electronically recorded and traced, product life cycle backend software traces a product from the very beginning of initial QC tests to scrap/EOL of which.

   Multi-stage records are time-stamped, and users are able to access repair logs.


Yes, things may go wrong, yet we’d like to get it right



ODMOEM Process

1. Spec and Discussion

2. Contract


Field Datalogger




Succesfull Stories

1. Tilt and Strain Monitoring for 161KV Transmission ToSignatuders